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    Below is a list of features that are to be included in version 1.0 of Chicamin Business Accounting. This is by no means a full list at this stage, but it is considered that this is the major minimum feature set required to allow a useful program.

    Other major features are planned for future releases. These include Payroll, Budgeting etc.

    Accounts Payable

    Purchase Order
    Vendor Invoice
    Write Cheques
    Credit Card Payment

    Accounts Receivable

    Cash Sales
    Credit Notes
    Receive Payment

    General Ledger

    Journal Entries
    Audit Trail


    Selection of Inventory and Non-Inventory Items
    Assembled (Group) Items

    Tax Codes

    Ability to use single or combined tax codes
    Suits GST, VAT and Sales Tax Models
    Posting to individual tax accounts. Suits countries where there is more than one tax collection agency.


    Standard Accounting reports
    XML Report design to allow user customisation


    Assign privileges roles
    Assign a role to a user

    General Design

    Small footprint design
    Single computer or multiple user client/server installation