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    Currently there is no Chicamin community as such. The project is still only a one person effort. If you would like a usable integrated accounting application for Linux, and have some spare time occasionally, you are most welcome to help out and maybe get a community happening. You do not need to be a programmer to be useful to the project. In fact, there are lots of things that need doing now that do not require programming skills.

    Below are listed the current open positions:

    Project Administrator (1)

    This position does not require programming skills, but does require a knowledge of how programming is done. The position requires dedicating a few hours a week to the project to schedule work, find and assign work to programmers etc. You will also be the main publicity contact for the project.

    Kylix Programmers (2 - 3)

    Kylix/Delphi programmers with around one year or more of expreience are required. You will require a licensed copy of Kylix 3 professional. No accounting knowledge is required, but it would be useful if you do have some. Various commitment levels are required, but at this stage it would be good to build a core developer base of about 4 programmers.

    Web Programmer / Graphic Artist (1)

    This is a varied and fun position for someone who is muti-skilled in web development and graphic design. The position requires that you re-design and look after this web site, as well as helping with graphics and themes for the program. If you use GNU/Linux applications for your work, all the better.


    Accountants, or people who have a good knowledge of accounting, from many different countries are required. Tax and accounting practices vary quite a lot between countries, and since Chicamin is being designed to work in most, if not all countries, your input would be helpful. These positions are casual, but with the view of being able to contact you periodically when new functionality is added, or an accounting rule needs to be known for your region. Also, a more permanent accountant (with or without programming knowledge) is required to assist with the overall design.