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    Probably one of the most requested applications in the Open Source community at present is an integrated, easy to use, business accounting program similar to many commercially available small business accounting programs that are currently available world wide. As Open Source software gains popularity over the next couple of years, this will remain one of the main areas of Open Source development that has not been sufficiently addressed, and may be the single program that users require which may prevent them switching to a complete Open Source solution.

    Chicamin Business Accounting hopes to be one of the leading applications to help fill this void. In order to do so, many considerations have gone into the design of the program, both from an ease of use perspective for the end user, to the technology used to build the program.

    Chicamin is programmed on a Linux platform in Borland Kylix. Linux is the primary target platform for Chicamin, so it makes sense to ensure that it runs smoothly by programming it on its target platform. A port is also planned for Windows, but that will be done after completion of the Linux version.

    One of the main criteria of Chicamin is that it be able to operate in both single and multi-user mode, be small and yet scalable. For this reason, the Firebird database was chosen as the backend. It has a tiny footprint that is ideal for both single and many multiple users.

    Chicamin Business Accounting is still a project very much in its infancy, and at this stage is a one man effort, so if you are looking for a usable business accounting program now, unfortunately it is still a little way off. However, do have a look at the current screen shots, and the list of features that are planned for version 1.0. And do check back here occasionally to check on progress.